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How to embellish the OpenLinkz ad slider

If you have obtained the code for your ad slider here at OpenLinkz using our wizard, then you are aware that the ad panel is essentially a plain rectangle in a single color with an ad in the middle, a text message on the left and the link for closing the panel on the right.

It is quite easy to embellish the ad panel by adding a border or a background image. Here's how it's done.

In the CSS style section, look for the "bottomBanner" id.

You can add either one of the following lines or add them both:

border-top: 2px solid black;

background: top repeat url("");

The first line would add a black border at the top of the ad panel that is 2 pixels thick. You can, of course, vary color and border thickness as you desire. One thing to remember, however, is you need to add the thickness of the border to the ad height. For our example, in the script section you would need to modify the following line of code:

var sliderDivHeight = 68;

changing it from its default value of 68 pixels to 70 pixels:

var sliderDivHeight = 70;

The second line would take an image of your choice (myImage, in this example) and repeat it across the ad panel. This would be appropriate if you are adding a colored gradient effect to the ad panel. Omit the "repeat" keyword and the image will, by default, appear once at the left end of the ad panel.

Note: for those of you who are installing the code in a Blogger template, you may find that using the "top" and "repeat" keywords caused the image to not appear at all! Trying removing the keywords and it will fix this problem.

Test, test, test --

Using these techniques, you can soften or embellish the effect of seeing the ad panel sliding into sight. Be sure to try an A/B test to determine if you get more clicks with or without the embellishments. Sometimes subtle changes can have surprising results when trying to make money online.

Posted by TradeRadarOperator at 8/20/2008 08:45:00 PM  


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