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Live Market Monitor - example page available

I recently wrote a post describing how someone who likes to keep an eye on the stock market could use a combination of the widgets I have developed at Today I want to announce that I have created a page that demonstrates what I was talking about. It's called the TradeRadar Stock Center - Live Market Monitor.

The page provides a configurable list of quotes that is updated every 30 seconds. There are four small charts that can each be set up to display an individual stock, ETF or index. The charts also update every 30 seconds. (Quotes and charts are courtesy of Yahoo!). All are widgets.

The Stock Market Update feed and Bond Market Update feed from are provided. Both are widgets. These feeds are updated every hour or half hour throughout the trading day. I have provided each feed with a refresh button so you can get the latest update without having to reload the whole web page and possibly lose what you have set up.

If you see something interesting happening on your charts or your quote list, analysis tools are provided so you can search for articles on (another widget). There is also some standard HTML stuff on the page that has the potential to become widgets. These include forms to launch analysis on or sites or to quickly jump to a stock's profile on Yahoo Finance or MSN Money, get more stock charts or search blogs, Google or EDGAR.

The beauty of this page is that you can monitor a number of stocks simultaneously without having to refresh the page constantly. And the tools are set up so you can just input a ticker symbol and click a button and you get the information you need.

The page is located here at my widget web site, Check it out at

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Stock Market Monitor using WidgetBox Widgets

I have put together a collection of stock market related widgets at WidgetBox. This post suggests a use for the whole bunch.

First, I'd like to list the widgets:

  1. LiveStockCharts
  2. LiveStockQuotes
  3. Articles from
  4. Stock Market Update RSS feed from
What I have done for myself is create a stock market monitoring center by assembling these widgets on several panels and embedding the panels onto an HTML page.

I pre-program the LiveStockQuotes to display major stock market averages and my favorite stocks of interest. I have four sets of LiveStockCharts on the page that I can use to monitor the price action of multiple stocks at the same time.

Every once in a while I hit the Refresh button on the Market Update RSS feed from to get an idea of what's driving the market at the moment. With the Refresh button, the widget displays the newest updates but I don't have to re-load the whole HTML page.

I keep the SeekingAlpha widget on the page so that I have ready access to the latest articles and opinions on stocks I might be interested in.

Currently, I have this Market Monitor configured as a simple HTML page on my desktop that I keep up all day so I can check the market whenever I get a spare minute. Here is a link to an example: view Live StockCenter. Enter your own ticker symbols and try out all the charts and analysis tools that are included.

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