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Corporate gatekeepers get wise to widgets

It's come to my attention that some large corporations are configuring their firewalls to block widgets. Right now, I know that widgets from WidgetBox have been blocked.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before widgets were targeted. It is well known that many corporate IT departments are against social networking tools. Sites like Twitter, Plurk, Facebook and Mashable are routinely blocked. Even simple tools like Yahoo! email and Google Docs are blocked. The ostensible reason is that network security teams are working to prevent unauthorized applications from introducing viruses and malware or otherwise compromising internal corporate systems.

Of course, these applications can be big time wasters and it is reasonable for corporate management to want to ensure workers keep their nose to the grindstone.

In the meantime, I believe Google Gadgets are still working on most corporate networks. Does anyone know of any more widget platforms that are being blocked?

Posted by TradeRadarOperator at 8/06/2008 11:16:00 PM  


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