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Changing Appearance of Links

Examples of OpenLinkz have so far been shown on light colored backgrounds. Suppose you have a dark color scheme on your pages? No problem.

The OpenLinkz widget can be configured to provide different styles for the appearance of links. There are three options:

(1) You can adjust the border underneath the link. It can be solid or dashed.
(2) You can adjust the color of the border under the link.
(3) You can adjust the color of the link when you hover over it.

Some examples are shown below against a dark blue background.

Here is how it was done: At the very bottom of the page, just before the /BODY tag, paste the following Javascript code snippet:

Note that the first parameter was left blank; ie, two single quotes with nothing in between. This means accept the default value which is 'dashed'.

Here is a cheat sheet:

#ParametersPossible Values
1Bottom Border'', 'dashed', 'solid', 'none'
2Border Color'', color names such as 'red', 'blue', etc. and numeric colors such as '#e6e6e6 or '#000000'
3Background Colorsame as Parameter #2

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