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Stock Linkz Widget at Widgetbox

I have provided a new Stock Research widget at Widgetbox. I named it Stock Linkz because it provides the same functionality as the StockLinkz Javascript widget that can be embedded in your web pages. This new variation allows a user to enter a stock ticker symbol in order to search for information. This new widget is not implemented as a pop-up menu, it is always visible.

The widget consists of a simple drop-down menu and text box. Enter a ticker symbol and select from the drop-down various stock research activities. View charts, search blogs, Google, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money or EDGAR SEC filings. The widget pops up results in a new window.

A cool feature of this widget is that it can be sized for sidebars (vertical) or as a top-of-page search facility (horizontal).

Click here to check out the Stock Linkz widget now.

Posted by TradeRadarOperator at 7/24/2007 08:51:00 PM  


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